"Mosey" is how cooperative houses select new members (think "rush" but for co-ops). It is a week of fun events where moseyers can spend time with current house members and learn about our house. After the events, prospective moseyers will send in applications to be reviewed by the house and new members will be chosen through a weighted lottery system. For fall housing, mosey occurs in early February of the preceding Spring semester.  See Calendar or Events page to check for upcoming mosey events at Watermargin. See Cornell's Cooperative Directory to learn about the other cooperative houses at Cornell (but don't forget about Cayuga Lodge or the Sober House!) Read FAQ below for more info.

IMPORTANT: The Mosey Process for Fall 2019 is officially over



How do I mosey?

The most important component of mosey is the events! Check the Calendar for mosey events and do your best to show up so that you can get to know house members and learn about how Watermargin works. You may also fill out the form to schedule a day where you would like to come and help cook dinner and eat with the house, which is a great way to impress us with your cooking skills!  After the events, an application will be given for you to fill out and send back before a TBA deadline. 

I’m not currently in Ithaca—are events required?

Events are not required if you will not be on campus, but you will still have to fill out and send in an application. Since you will not have the advantage of meeting house members face to face, you should make sure to put in the extra effort on your application so that your personality shows through!

How are members chosen?

New house members are chosen through a weighted lottery system—that means that members will be chosen randomly from a hat but some moseyers will have their name in the hat more than others as a result of voting. This is to allow house members to show preference to moseyers who we think are a good fit but also to ensure diversity.  

Who can mosey?

While Watermargin mostly consists of undergraduate students, any student at Cornell can mosey—whether you are an undergraduate, grad/Ph.D. student, or even an exchange student!

Can I choose my room?

Rooms are chosen based on seniority and incoming members are assigned rooms by the current VP in order to maximize new member accommodation. On the application, you will be asked if you would be willing to double, as singles are not guaranteed for new members (please indicate on application if you have special circumstances that would require a single room). This is highly recommended for new members because having a roommate helps with the transition and singles can be quite isolating to new members. 

When is mosey?

Mosey occurs twice a year. For fall housing, Spring Mosey takes place in early February of the preceding Spring semester. For Spring housing, Mosey occurs in late October/Early November of the preceding Fall semester, but Fall Mosey is not as extensive as Spring Mosey and there are often less spots available. 

When & where are events?

Check the Calendar or Events page to check out when our events are!

What does it mean to live at Watermargin?

While Watermargin is one of the most affordable housing options in Ithaca, it comes with responsibilities. House members are required to attend biweekly house meetings, complete weekly “charlies”(chores), cook once a week with your cook team, and to make an effort to be involved with the house goals of education and social justice—but don’t let this scare you! Completing these tasks are often fun and provide bonding experiences with other house members! Not only do they provide opportunities to gain new life skills, they also help contribute to the family environment!

How do I fill out an application?

The application is typically posted on the website towards the end of the week of mosey events.


Watermargin is our home, and our family. In addition to the beautiful house, affordable costs of living and social justice mission, we try to build our community through relationships and conversation. We are all quirky folks, and we come together to celebrate difference and build community. We cook together, clean together, eat together, party together, learn together, and take care of each other.

Watermargin Room (3rd floor), 2016

Watermargin Room (3rd floor), 2016

House Art by Rachael Biggane, 2016

House Art by Rachael Biggane, 2016


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