Watermargin is not about loving everyone unconditionally, but learning to live with people despite your differences.
— Watermargin founder


Watermargin, a house of quirky, passionate, creative, and lovable students, is not a dorm or an apartment building, it is a home. Whether you are coming late from a library and step into the kitchen to find hot brewing tea among warm bubbling conversations or whether you are coming tired from classes to swing on the porch and eat chili with your housemates, Watermargin is a place devoted to making people of all backgrounds feel welcomed and safe. 


Intercooperative union Promo

See Watermargin featured in this ICU promo, filmed and edited by marginals.


Shared Responsibilities: cooking, cleaning, participating in house meetings and management

Amenities: affordable, full in-house meal plan, free laundry facilities, wireless internet, projector, large kitchen and porch, 

game/music room, guest room, pool table, ping pong table, and a fireplace

Rooms: mix of single and double rooms (varies per semester)

Nicknames: referred to as WaterTower by its fratstar neighbors

Location: 103 McGraw Place



Rooms and Rent

A snapshot of room 203