If you thought that show + tell ended in kindergarten, oh jeez, were you wrong! Here at Watermargin, we believe in skill-sharing and learning communities by and for all people. Whether you prefer to call it multi-lateral epistemology while you teach us about your incredible research project on the evolutionary genome sequences in mice, or would rather refer to it as skill-sharing while you teach us the best way to tie your shoe-laces, we encourage you to bring something to teach. All knowledge is valuable, and we want to learn it from you. We'll bring things to teach, too (topics ranging from stargazing, reading your astrological signs, a 3-minute yoga sequence, our favorite pieces of art, knot-tying, anxiety-relief tricks, emergency first aid, how to cut a paper heart, how to leave a message on an answering machine, fun facts about our favorite animals, and piglatin)!

We can't wait to learn with you !!