Holiday Dinner 2016

Holiday Dinner 2016


Click here to download application

thank you so much for your interest in watermargin! please click the link above to download the application file. you may edit the pdf online or print it out and fill it out, as long as you either drop it off at the house or scan and email it to The due date is on Wednesday, February 22nd. please let us know if this is a problem for you. we will be doing member selection on Sunday, February 26th and will inform you by email on that day whether or not we have been able to offer you a spot. 

some super important info to read before you apply:

watermargin is a family--not only do we live together, we also cook together(yum), clean together,(ew) party together(woooo), learn together, and most importantly, take care of each other(aw). watermargin is also an extremely affordable option, both in rent and the meal plan. that being said, keep in mind there are certain mandatory responsibilities that are required of house members: we have weekly charlies(chores) & cook teams, biweekly house meetings, and participation in events like mosey and party management/clean up. 

living in watermargin means having a strong support system, a community, and a home. it means learning so many things about cooking, cleaning, and how to be open to many different points of view.

other co-ops may give you their mosey decisions before we do but they do not require you to respond until after february 26th, so we encourage waiting until after we send out our decisions before accepting/declining any other invitations. 

if you are not able to make any mosey events, you are still welcome to apply but we encourage that you spend a lot of time on your application in order to help you stand out. 

if you have any questions, please feel free to check out our mosey page or email